New Zealand on Air and the Kiwi Hit Disc

This website is a repository of information gleaned over the years from a number of individuals and institutions with a variety of interests in New Zealand music, the New Zealand on Air Kiwi Hit Disc, and associated promo only series of discs.

You will not find any music files on this site; the content of the discs is copyrighted material so please do not ask.  Copyright of cover, inlay artwork, images, and the NZ on Air logos reside with New Zealand on Air.

Looking for discs?  Have discs you no longer require?  Contact us and let us know what you're after, and what you're looking to ditch.  As individuals helping individuals, we have some duplicates and are constantly on the lookout for discs to assist others.  We also run a clearing house that can purchase your excess even if no one is currently looking for what you have.


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External Links:

[2018-05] University of Auckland highlight the research aspects of the Kiwi Talk Discs in the Music and Dance Library collection

[2017-01] New Zealand on Air marks the release of NewTracks issue 200

[2016] Found this interesting excerpt in "Popular Music Industries and the State: Policy Notes" by Shane Homan, Martin Cloonan, Jennifer Cattermole

[2015-06] Audio Culture ran a retrosective The Kiwi Hit Disc folowing the release of the final Kiwi Hit Disc

[2015-04] New Zealand on Air went through a major rebranding exercise - the Kiwi Hit Disc trasitioned to NewTracks, Kiwi Hit Clips became NewClips and the (rapidly abandoned) web site AllTracks [dead link] was launched; pity, it looked promising but doesn't really meet the NZoA mandate

[2015-03] Jane Wrightson, New Zealand on Air CEO's March 2015 Newsletter; comments around the Kiwi Hit Disc are of particular interest

[2014-10] NZ Musician ran an excellent pair of feature articles: NZ on Air Turns 25, and Brendan Smyth: 25 Years Behind The Desk

[2009-01] Brief puff piece on the Phase Five program in NZ Edge

Information wanted:

"Fresh NZ Music" and "Waiata Māori Hou" tip sheets: released around 2008-2009... any further details?

Kiwi Hit Discs 34 and 35 are both marked with November 1998 release dates; suspect October and December respectivly are more likely.

Additionally, Indie Hit Discs 12 and 13 are both marked as December 2000; suspect that Indie Hit Disc 12 was probably released September/October.  Can anyone confirm?

last updated: 20190804